Monday, May 17, 2010

Soccer Dad

Soccer Dad

Date-seekers phased out

Posted: 17 May 2010 06:56 PM PDT

What's the deal with Iranian military and security types and stubbly beards?The Tehran police plans to start implementing a new phase of the Social Security Plan next week. In this phase, the police will deal with people who drive down the street looking for dates, Tehran Police Chief Hossein Sajedi told the Mehr News Agency on Sunday. These people will be taken to court and their cars will be impounded for two months, Sajedi said. [...]Then they'll have to walk down the street? Crossposted on Judeopundit...

Arafat Not Only Created Myths--He Was A Myth

Posted: 17 May 2010 10:51 AM PDT

Hat tip to Soccer Dad, from whom I found this article by Daniel Pipes, written in September 1999. Like Edward Said and George Antonius--Yasir Arafat falsely claimed to be Palestinian Arabs when in fact they were born in Egypt:On countless occasions, Yasir Arafat has regaled listeners about his Jerusalem birth and childhood. He fondly recalls his birthplace in a stone house abutting the Western Wall, then how he lived with his Uncle Sa'ud in Jerusalem. Like Said, Arafat presents himself as a victim of Zionism - someone who lost his wordly belongings and his place in the world due to Israel's coming into...

The PA's Policy Of Naming Schools, Summer Camps, Sporting Events, Streets And Ceremonies After Terrorists

Posted: 17 May 2010 10:30 AM PDT

The following report was presented to Congress on May 6 Below is the summary.The entire report is available online.From Terrorists to Role Models:The Palestinian Authority'sInstitutionalization of IncitementThe PA's policy of naming schools, summer camps,sporting events, streets and ceremonies after terroristsfundamentally undermines the chance for peaceby Itamar Marcus, Nan Jacques Zilberdik, Barbara Crook and PMW staffExecutive SummaryThe Palestinian Authority has named numerous locations and events after Palestinian terrorists responsible for killing Israeli civilians. In this special report, Palestinian Media Watch investigates the breadth of this phenomenon and to what extent it continues in 2010. Furthermore, PMW will assess whether this represents activities of a...

I suppose it's better than shooting jews

Posted: 17 May 2010 03:57 AM PDT

The Washington Post today has an article Palestinians turn to boycott of Israel in West Bank. Apparently it's been somewhat successful. In Mishor Adumim, a bougainvillea-lined industrial zone inside this West Bank Jewish settlement, at least 17 businesses have closed since Palestinians began boycotting its products several months ago. There are two problems. The strategy originated at the grass-roots level but has increasingly been embraced by the Palestinian leadership. Top officials have shown up at anti-settlement demonstrations led by local activists trying to isolate Israel globally in a campaign roughly modeled on the South African anti-apartheid struggle. If this is...

Musical monday #141

Posted: 17 May 2010 03:52 AM PDT

Every week Elie and I switch off testing your musical trivia. Here are the lyrics, guess the songs and the theme connecting all the songs. Enjoy. There are still some songs left from Musical Monday #140 that haven't been identified. We plan over the the next two weeks to have a very special two part 3rd anniversary special! So stay tuned. 1) Well the Maximum Lawmen run down Flamingo 2) That it ain't no sin to be glad you're alive 3) You know the night is fallin', and the music's callin' 4) Just listen to the music of the traffic...

Juan Cole's little Nakba narrative

Posted: 16 May 2010 10:46 PM PDT

This is just one paragraph from a longish post, but it stands on its own, a little bauble of bias:Thousands of Palestinians rallied in Gaza on Saturday to commemorate the Nakbah or national catastrophe of 1948, when European Jewish settlers brought into the Mandate of Palestine by imperial British policy expelled 700,000 Palestinians from what is now Israel and then sealed the border, confiscating all their property without compensation. These actions turned the bulk of the Palestinians into poverty-stricken camp dwellers and/or stateless persons living under the rule of others, and prevented the rise of an independent Palestinian state such...

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