Monday, May 10, 2010

Soccer Dad

Soccer Dad


Posted: 10 May 2010 04:27 AM PDT

I'd like to bring up an observation made by Treppenwitz again: But when most people today say "the '67 borders" in relation to territorial compromise, they are talking about the borders that existed on June 5th, 1967... which were, in fact, the 1949 Armistice lines.... Israel's de facto borders at the end of the War of Independence. But since a return to the 1949 borders - even a modified version - would be tantamount to admitting that every war fought since (and every Israeli killed in 60 years of Arab aggression) was for naught, you will almost never hear that...

That which kills me makes stronger

Posted: 10 May 2010 04:23 AM PDT

The problem with integrated Islamists is that they become effective foot soldiers for mini-Qaedas as Maureen Callahan terms them. Al Qaeda's ability to plan and launch strikes abroad has been degraded since Sept. 11, due both to the war in Afghanistan and a loss of support among Muslims in the region. They've maintained power by merging with smaller networks such as the TTP), al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQ-AP), al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQ-IM), al Qaeda in Iraq, and Al-Shabab in Somalia and Lashkar-e-Taiba, which was responsible for the 2008 attack in Mumbai. (Though weakened, al Qaeda...

The integrated islamists

Posted: 10 May 2010 03:59 AM PDT

Fouad Ajami profiles the "nowhere men" of Jihad. This is a long twilight war, the struggle against radical Islamism. We can't wish it away. No strategy of winning "hearts and minds," no great outreach, will bring this struggle to an end. America can't conciliate these furies. These men of nowhere--Faisal Shahzad, Nidal Malik Hasan, the American-born renegade cleric Anwar Awlaki now holed up in Yemen and their likes--are a deadly breed of combatants in this new kind of war. Modernity both attracts and unsettles them. America is at once the object of their dreams and the scapegoat onto which they...

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