Sunday, July 18, 2010

Soccer Dad

Soccer Dad

Israel makes gazans shop til they drop

Posted: 18 Jul 2010 01:49 PM PDT

One of my proudest accomplishments in my blogging career was publicizing a photograph of Tony Blair's repugnant sister-in-law (and British media celebrity) Lauren Booth shopping in a fully stocked store in Gaza. Others, such as Israelly Cool! and Elder of Ziyon picked it up immediately. Others followed. (How do I know I was the source, even when I wasn't credited? Because I used Daylife not Yahoo! News as my source.) Eventually the photograph became something of a symbol of the deeply ingrained media bias against Israel.

Well history repeats.

Remember how a few weeks ago, President Obama said that the situation in Gaza was "unsustainable"?

President Obama said the situation in the Gaza Strip was "unsustainable" and that he would budget an additional $400 million to improve conditions there and in the West Bank.

Is this what was meant by unsustainable?

On Saturday night, the starving people of Gaza opened up a luxury mall.

At opening ceremonies attended by ministers and government officials, the Gaza Mall is a multi-story shopping center that includes food, clothing, perfumes, shoes, household appliances, office supplies and more.

The mall has a website, where we can see that it has air conditioning and parking, as well as delivery and other amenities that one would expect in any major mall.

So apparently Israel is now forcing Gazans to shop until they drop. The humanity!

More here. As noted above, I know how the Elder feels.

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Darth vader on the subway

Posted: 18 Jul 2010 01:23 PM PDT

I'm lazy today, but my son told me about this.

The people on the subway love it.

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