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Soccer Dad

Soccer Dad

Munich Massacre Mastermind: Couldn't Have Done It Without Abbas!

Posted: 04 Jul 2010 03:11 PM PDT

Arutz Sheva reports:
Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has euologized Abu Dauod, the mastermind of the massacre of 11 Israeli athletes at the Munch Olympics in 1972 and who died Saturday. "He is missed. He was one of the leading figures of Fatah and spent his life in resistance and sincere work as well as physical sacrifice for his people's just causes," said Abbas.
Yep, Abu Dauod was misseed all right--but Israel did get the other members of his hit squad. And let's not forget that Abu Dauod was fond of Abbas too--and for good reason. According to a piece by Alexander Wolff in Sports Illustrated in 2002:

...Abu Daoud openly acknowledged his role in the Olympic attack, both in his memoir, Palestine: From Jerusalem to Munich, published in Paris, and in an interview with the Arab TV network al-Jazeera.

...In late July, SI's Don Yaeger went to the Middle East to find the 72-year-old Abu Daoud. After five days in Syria, where he met with leaders of several Palestinian groups, including the Palestinian Authority, PA president Yasir Arafat's Fatah faction and the militant Hamas, Yaeger received a call from Abu Daoud, who said he was in Cyprus. Abu Daoud, who would not reveal where he resides -- saying only that he lives with his wife on a pension provided by the PA -- agreed to answer written questions. Among his claims, in his memoir and to SI, are these:

o Though he wasn't involved in conceiving or implementing it, "the [Munich] operation had the endorsement of Arafat." Arafat is not known to have responded to the allegations in Abu Daoud's book. In May 1972 four Black Septembrists hijacked a Sabena flight from Brussels to Tel Aviv, hoping to free comrades from Israeli jails. But Israeli special forces stormed the plane, killing or capturing all the terrorists and freeing every passenger, leaving Arafat, by Abu Daoud's account, desperate to boost morale in the refugee camps by showing that Israel was vulnerable.

o Though he didn't know what the money was being spent for, longtime Fatah official Mahmoud Abbas, a.k.a. Abu Mazen, was responsible for the financing of the Munich attack. Abu Mazen could not be reached for comment regarding Abu Daoud's allegation. After Oslo in 1993, Abu Mazen went to the White House Rose Garden for a photo op with Arafat, President Bill Clinton and Israel's Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres. "Do you think that ... would have been possible if the Israelis had known that Abu Mazen was the financier of our operation?" Abu Daoud writes. "I doubt it." Today the Bush Administration seeks a Palestinian negotiating partner "uncompromised by terror," yet last year Abu Mazen met in Washington with Secretary of State Colin Powell...
Yeah, Abu Dauod and Abbas were tight, alright .

The Israeli victims were:

  • Moshe Weinberg, wrestling coach, age 33;
  • Yossef Romano, weightlifter, 31
  • Ze'ev Friedman, weightlifter, 28
  • David Berger, weightlifter, 28
  • Yaakov Springer, weightlifting coach, age 51
  • Eliezer Halfin, wrestler, 24
  • Yossef Gutfreund, wrestling referee, 40
  • Kehat Shorr, shooting coach, 53
  • Mark Slavin, wrestler, 18
  • Andre Spitzer, fencing referee, 27
  • Amitzur Shapira , track coach, 40
by Daled Amos

What part of antisemitism don't you understand?

Posted: 04 Jul 2010 04:02 AM PDT

Hannah Rosenthal, the administration envoy charged with fighting antisemitism:

We welcome the opportunity to speak here today, as the problem of intolerance and discrimination against Muslims is an issue across the OSCE region. The United States strongly supports combating all forms of discrimination and intolerance against Muslims and is taking efforts to build mutual respect between people of all faiths. The U.S. government works continuously to ensure that person of all faiths, including Muslims, can freely enjoy the fundamental freedom of religion. We raise these concerns with our Allies, partners, and others - both within the OSCE and without. The U.S. Government's Annual Report on International Religious Freedom addresses these concerns in detail within the OSCE region and around the world.

It is interesting that the OSCE is The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe.

A recent report from Holland told that the acting mayor of Amsterdam is pursuing the idea of "decoy Jews." That's because attacks on Jews in Amsterdam have reached the point that such a strategy is necessary. Specifcally:

The idea was suggested by a Moroccan-born Parliament member after a broadcast was televised showing Moroccan immigrant men harassing and making Nazi salutes at a rabbi and two children walking in Amsterdam.

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