Saturday, August 30, 2008

The #1 jewish issue

I got an e-mail from Pillage Idiot the other day (I'm assuming he doesn't mind my quoting him)

On another subject, wait till the Jews start talking about Palin. Point 1: She's pro-life, which no liberal Jew can accept. Abortion, the ultimate Jewish issue.
He's prescient. What can I tell you? The NJDC termed the choice of Palin as "bizarre."
Moreover, on a broad range of issues— most strikingly on the issue of women’s reproductive freedom— she is totally out of step with Jewish public opinion.
Of course they also mention that she has no public record on Israel. Why the governor of Alaska should speak publicly about Israel is beyond me. And why silence more of a disqualification than attending a church that supports Hamas is similarly bewildering.

On a related matter, yes Gov. Palin is pro-life. And she isn't just preaching to others. It's what she practiced. As Don Surber wrote:
I thought her pregnancy and the birth of her child this year would dash her VP hopes. Her son has Down’s Syndrome, which she learned of during her pregnancy. She does not believe in the death penalty for retarded children.
In other words she lives by the principle she wishes to see others abide by.

One final note: Crablaw points out in a comment that there are charges that Palin supported Pat Buchanan in the Republican primary in 2000.

Apparently she was extending a courtesy to Buchanan, but she supported Steve Forbes in that campaign.

And indeed, another AP story from August 7, 1999 -- one month after the Buchanan trip to Wasilla -- states that joining state sen. Mike Miller of Fairbanks on the Forbes campaign's Alaska "leadership committee will be Wasilla Mayor Sarah Palin, and former state GOP chairman Pete Hallgren, who will serve as co-chairs."
(via memeorandum)

And if she did support Buchanan, it would be a negative in my mind. But I still find Sen. Obama's associations a lot more troubling. And he's not running to become the understudy in the next administration. To quote Don Surber again:
Democrats nominated an inexperienced but cute senator who won’t just be a heartbeat from the presidency; he will be the heartbeat.

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