Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Watching the weasels 08/30/2006

The nominations are in. Here is a rundown of this week's Council posts ...

In Cutting the Biased Some Slack, Sundries Shack notes that all journalists appear to be on the same team. It just may not be the team of freeedom and democracy.

Done with Mirrors applies the Heisenberg uncertainty principle to media watching in Read it and Weep.

Gates of Vienna examines why Europe is more susceptible to being co-opted by Islamism and what it portends for the future in an Asimov sounding Empire and Apocalypse.

Education Wonks examine a case of a teacher's insubordination to a poorly thought out request from the principal in Flag Flapped In Colorado. (BTW, read the comments.)

Right Wing Nuthouse wants to Save the Electoral College!

JoshuaPundit observes that the same Arab world that considers peacekeepers in Lebanon so essential don't give two hoots about protecting real victims in Meanwhile, in Darfur.... Of course that would mean acting against Islamists and we wouldn't want any of that.

Unlike Done with Mirrors who uses science to analyze politics, Socratic Rhythm Method uses politics to understand science in Pluto Struck Down As Unconstitutional.

In Valid Pedagogical Purpose -– Poor Pedagogical Methodology, Rhymes with Right considers the Colorado flag flap, but the details seem rather different from the Educational Wonks.

Shrinkwrapped analyzes and dismisses new shoplifting laws in England in "Root Causes" and Other Nonsense.

In Say Anything, AbbaGav demonstrates how the media act as shills, but doesn't demonstrate kickboxing. Not disimilar Done with Mirrors' thesis.

The Glittering Eye considers and rejects the charge that the House Intelligence Committee's report on Iran was "cooked" to sound more alarmist in Fearmongering? Or Oversight?

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