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Haveil Havalim #82

Check out the whole thing here.

No Feminists on a sinking ship thinks that Google is making people lazy.

Daled Amos writes that Israel must take back the narrative.

Confederate Yankee condemns the complicit MSM as the ghost in the media machine.

Elder of Ziyon expands on Confererate Yankee's thesis and gives a specific example that the AP is writing Hezbollah's press releases.

Ace of Spades HQ wonders how those stringers get all those poignant photographs.

Perspectives of a Nomad argues, Hezbollah lies, wins sympathy.

Here's a comprehensive list of all the types of photographic fraud are committed by the media.

Israelly Cool! observes that not all Arabs are listening to Nasrallah's warning to leave Haifa.

West Bank Mama sees that the Israeli Left is speaking up again.

Jewish Current Issues recounts a press conference that he and other prominent pro-Israel bloggers had with Natan Sharansky.

IRIS blog exerpts an op-ed by Gen. Doron Almog.

Ocean Guy excerpts from Jewish Current Issues and Michael Behe's article in the New Republic showing that the widespread destruction in Lebanon is, well, exagerated.

Israel Matzav explains the Geneva Conventions and why they don't protect Lebanon.

A view from a Height tells us that Israel was winning.

Deja Vu compares PM Olmert's wartime performance with that of Levi Eshkol.

Solomonia has testimony from a photographer that the practice of "directing shots" is widespread.

Crossing the Rubicon2 quotes from an op-ed by a non-Jew who would rather Jews be alive and angry rather than meek and dead.

Atlas Shrugs carries a Nidra Poller essay "Don't Apologize."

Media Backspin links to a commentary that tells us that "... editors everywhere can no longer trust the pictures from Lebanon."

The Volokh Conspiracy asks what year an offensive cartoon was published.

IN how many ways does the ceasefire screw Israel? Let Mere Rhetoric count the many many ways.

Meryl Yourish dons her teacher's cap and gives the ceasefire a D.

The Hashmonean grades Olmert and Peretz, and he doesn't grade them on a curve.

Israeli Matzav explains what went wrong and wonders if Israel can still win.

The Bush Administration's complicity in the ceasefire has Powerline wondering who won the 2004 election.

Greetings from French Hill explains why the ceasefire is a Hezbollah victory.

Cozy Corner guesses at what lies in Israel's future.

Back in 2000 Dry Bones was waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Cozy Corner considers applying game theory to the war against Hezbollah.

The Ignoble Experiment defends the rights of those she disagrees with to disagree - unharrassed.

Treppenwitz considers an obscure episode of history to draw a lesson about never being complacent about the loss of life.

Critical Mastiff writes that being kind to the cruel is never the right measure.

Daled Amos wonders how Ariel Sharon would have handled this war and looks for hints.

Simply Jews fisks a moonbat named Monbiat.

Joshuapundit comments on the Israeli government's decision to push forward with an expanded offensive.

The Ministry of Offence explains why Israel can neither win nor lose the war with Hezbollah.

Life in Israel tells us two stories about life at the front in Lebanon.

Life in Israel wants the government to let the army win the war and forget about convergence.

Greetings from French Hill wonders if the government wants to win the war.

The Partisan Times says that Israel must win.

Raanana Ramblings tells us what to put in care packages for the Israeli soldiers. (There are some interesting comments too.)

Say hello to the Israeli Tikkun Blog.

Me-Ander reflects on her new neighbors from the North.

Shiloh Musings reproduces the Hula Hoop describes what it's like to experience Katyushas, in Kiryat Shmona.


A Simple Jew has an interview with Psychotoddler about the state of Jewish music.

The Ignoble Experiment goes to two concerts in support of Israel.

This reminds me that a few weeks ago Crossing the Rubicon2 mentioned the Voices for Israel CD that includes, among other things, Shir Lismoach. This cheerful and optimistic song was written by Malki Roth, whose Yahrzeit (Hebrew annivesary of her death) is tomorrow. Her life (and those of many others) and music were cut short that day 5 years ago when a young man walked into Sbarro's carrying a guitar case hiding his deadly device.

Israel at Level ground announces that Ian Anderson (of Jethro Tull) is returning to Israel.

Kesher Talk has a teremdous linkfest about the war.

The Board Game blog considers Hebrew music and gets a surprising comment from a Jordanian and takes a trip through a war torn country.

Orthodox Anarchist has pictures of some "street art" that shows the anxiety of Israelis.

No feminists on a sinking ship tells Mel Gibson that antisemitism is bad for business.

Jewish Baltimore

Crablaw writes about the Jewish constituency that makes up the a significant portion of Maryland's 3rd Congressional District.

Cross Currents looks at Baltimore's Orthodox Jewish community.

Presence reports on vandalism at his Shul (synagogue.)


The ignoble experiment continues her quest to internationalize Haveil Havalim.

Here's a Russian entry on encountering an antisemite.

More Kyshara on what Israel A Simple Jew interviews Psychotoddler on the topic of the current state of Jewish music.

Faux news

Esser Agoroth explains why the Enterpise couldn't have been in the Reuters photo.

Simply Jews discovers the secret behind those Reuters photos.

The Fireant Gazette found a similar original photo.

Pillage Idiot has also reasearched and found an original Reuters photo. (Or maybe the Peoples Cube found them?)

Israel Matzav asks what would happen if the current editors of the NY Times were around in 1943. (h/t Life of Rubin, original image plus details at the People's Cube.)

More related at Kesher Talk.


R' Chaim HaQoton discusses Judaism before Sinai.

R' Chaim HaQoton also discusses the holiday last week of Tu B'Av.

(You may need Firefox to view these posts. They did not display in IE.)

Elie's Expositions also discussed Tu B'Av. (Who compares Tu B'Av to Valentine's Day, I thought it was the Jewish Sadie Hawkins day.)

Torah Thoughts applies the lessons from this week's Torah reading to the war against Hezbollah.

Velveteen Rabbi discusses her observance of Yom Kippur Katan.


Shiloh Musings argues that the cost of fighting a "moral" war are too high.

House of Joy shares her non-joyous thoughts about war.

Biur Chametz attended two military funerals and reflects on them.

Two bloggers remembered Michael Levin.

Saba Yeshayah knows many people who knew him from Philadelphia.

Am Echad knew people who knew him from Nativ.

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