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Pieces of time's "peace"

Posted: 07 Sep 2010 03:49 AM PDT

This weeks' Time Magazine has a cover story that explains, "Why israel doesn't care about Peace?"

Israelly Cool dismisses it with:

Real serious journalism here. A provocative title and they've spoken with a couple of Tel Aviv condo salesmen. All in the name of demonizing the Jewish state.

Elder of Ziyon (who is seconded by FresoZionism) writes:

The title on the cover, and the cover itself, are very clearly implying that Israelis do not care about peace itself. The Time editors do not seem to understand basic English. Right now, there is peace, by and large.

On the other hand, Israelis know that the almost automatic result of giving more concessions is terror, not peace.

Hezbollah was not dismantled when its supposed raison d'etre disappeared when Israel withdrew behind UN-drawn borders - on the contrary, it was strengthened. Hamas didn't get weakened by Israel's unilateral withdrawal from Gaza - it moved into the vacuum left by an impotent PA, that just happens to be Israel's "peace partner." What person it their right mind would support moving into act 3 of this drama?

Daled Amos questions Time's methodology and JoshuaPundit, its timing.

Mere Rhetoric goes through Time's history of questionable taste regarding israel, and My Right Word shows that the cover echoes a Newsweek one of years' past.

Bret Stephens remembers a rhyme from Time Magazine.

In May 1977, when Menachem Begin was elected Israel's prime minister, Time magazine set out to describe the man, beginning with the correct pronunciation of his last name: "Rhymes with Fagin," the editors explained, invoking the character from Oliver Twist. Modern Israeli leader; archetypal Jewish lowlife: Get it?

The magazine's other characterization of Begin was that he was "dangerous." A year later, he shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Egypt's Anwar Sadat.

Maybe there's something in the magazine's DNA. This week, readers were treated to a cover story by Karl Vick titled, suggestively, "Why Israel Doesn't Care About Peace." That's one way for Time to address the current state of negotiations between the Jewish state and its neighbors, which otherwise barely rate a mention in the article.

Instapundit summarizes VDH's critique as Those Jews Sure Like Money, Don't They?. VDH declares (via memeorandum)

I know it's commonplace to read in the latest issue of Time or Newsweek that Obama is a god, that Islamophobic Americans are collectively prejudiced against Muslims, that the response after 9/11 was overblown and unnecessary (over 30 subsequent terrorist plots have been foiled, and, for some reason, renditions, tribunals, Guantanamo, Predators, intercepts, etc., have all been embraced by the Obama administration), but the recent Time piece on Israel by a Karl Vick is probably the most anti-Semitic essay I have ever read in a mainstream publication.

Ironically, last week's cover story asked Is America Islamaphobic. The article concluded with:

In Sheboygan County, the good old-fashioned American sense of community came through for Mirza, Hamad and the Khans. But when it comes to Muslims and Islam, America's better angels are not always so accommodating.

Which sounds like a disapproving "yes" to me. But when the question "is this publication antisemitic?" Time Magazine seems to be leading the charge to say "yes" proudly.

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