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Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades Information Office: "Joy and maximize joy in the Gaza Strip Hebron heroic operation"

Posted: 31 Aug 2010 05:08 PM PDT

Autotranslated, but understandable a good deal of the time:

Pervaded atmosphere of joy and happiness the Gaza Strip, after a heroic Hebron, which was adopted by the "al-Qassam Brigades" military wing of the movement "Hamas", which resulted in the deaths of four rapists Zionists.

Zoom shouts and cheering from the mosques of Gaza Strip for the masses blessed the process, and declare the responsibility of "Qassam" it, came out with several rallies and spontaneous organization in different parts of the Gaza Strip.

Hundreds of people gathered near a mosque Caliphs in the northern Gaza Strip, chanting tribute to the Qassam Brigades and asking more operations.

The Participants in the march, which started after Taraweeh prayers Palestinian flags and banners green, and cry: "Oh revenge revenge al-Qassam Brigades" and "from Hebron to Gaza .. Qassam code pride."

And seemed to delight in the streets of Gaza, and a large number of people distributed sweets to passersby in the streets, for the blessing of the process quality, which came at a crucial juncture in a common pursuit carried out by the occupation forces and the militia of Abbas against Palestinian resistance.

The young man said Firas Hammad, a distributed sweets on a street in Gaza: "This is a moment of joy, and this is the Qassam Brigades, the lashing out by some, so is the Qassam Brigades, work silently, resulting in two types of work."

He pointed out that from the moment he first heard of the process was uncertain that the Qassam Brigades are behind the process, confirmation came from Abu Obeida to confirm this feeling.

The "Abu Ubaida," spokesman for the Qassam Brigades stressed the responsibility for the implementation of the process, stressing it in a series of implementation plans in response to the crimes of the occupation.

In Khan Yunis, were raised to technicians of the mosques, and left tens of spontaneous marches of the mosques after the Taraweeh prayers, chanting slogans zoom.

Said Haji Abdul Rahim syrup (56 years): "God is great and thankfully, we need the news heartening in this blessed month of jihad and sacrifice, and there is a human came from al-Qassam Brigades, which we return to this anthropologist."

Is not different from the scene in Rafah and the Central Province, where the spontaneous marches roamed the streets and waved flags unification Cubs Green chanting of the Qassam Brigades and asking more operations.

Brahmin and Salem (43 years: "The operation came at a crucial time after a surge in attacks by settlers, and the high frequency of security coordination to say that the resistance is alive and exist, and that all the plots will not succeed."

It seems that the Zionist threats to escalate its aggression after the operation did not succeed in disarming the joy of Gazans, who are still to piece their wounds after the war Criterion late 2008.

1967". He was holding Salman (25 years): "Zionist aggression continuously and do not stop, due to the resistance should not stand idly by, especially given that this process comes against the rapists and the occupied territories since 1967."

And spend hours and increased manifestations of joy and anticipation in the Gaza Strip, amid the prayers and hopes of the return of the Palestinian resistance at the top of "al-Qassam Brigades" to shine once again to strike at the enemy and herds Mgtsbih.

The Al-Qassams Brigade seems to be claiming that this attack was part of something called "Operation Fire Sale." Any Arabic speakers out there?

Update: Maan News:

A Palestinian group calling itself the Al-Haq ("Rights") Brigades has claimed responsibility for Tuesday's shooting that left four Israeli citizens dead in the occupied West Bank . . . The operation was in response to the PLO's decision to return to negotiations with Israel, the statement said.
A front for Hamas but the real reason for the attacks?

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"I ... am in the position to grant nothing"

Posted: 31 Aug 2010 03:59 AM PDT

Via Daily Alert blog.
An article in the UAE's the National Abbas is a man in exile, even among his own

All Palestinian political factions, bar one, have denounced the direct talks, some in harsher language than others.

Only Fatah, Mr Abbas's own group, supports direct talks. Even among its members, though, there are plenty of disapproving voices.

Ordinary Palestinians, as well as the political factions, feel they have little influence on the Palestinian leadership's decisions. The Palestinian polity is broken. There is no functioning parliament. The Gaza Strip and the West Bank are divided under the leaderships of rival factions. The PA government under Salam Fayyad was appointed by presidential decree and elections - presidential, parliamentary and municipal - have all been postponed indefinitely

Related, see Daled Amos.

via Daily Alert blog. From the Daily Globe and Mail.

In his second term, Mr. Netanyahu is strong inside and weak outside. Facing no serious challengers, he enjoys political strength like no predecessor in the past generation. Improved security and an excellent economy support a quiet home front. Looking out the window, however, Mr. Netanyahu sees dark clouds surrounding Israel. The country is increasingly isolated, facing a global fatigue over its endless conflict with its neighbours, and a consensus against occupation, settlement expansion and excessive use of military force. And on the horizon, Iran's nuclear project is looming.

Mr. Netanyahu returned to power chiefly to save Israel from the "existential threat" posed by Iran. In this environment, he must rely on the United States, Israel's closest ally and strongest protector. Only Mr. Obama can save Israel from the wrath of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. But this protection comes with a price: a Natanz-for-settlements tradeoff.

If PM Netanyahu were to make a deal he would have support to do so. But Abbas has no standing to make a deal. Palestinian nationalism has always been built on a premise on the destruction of Israel, so this is hardly a surprise. As Richard Cohen observed, nothing's changed in the Arab world regarding the acceptance of Israel. And certainly not in the Palestinian world.

It kind of reminds me Khan's famous rebuke to Captain Kirk.

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Cohen's revision

Posted: 31 Aug 2010 03:54 AM PDT

A few years ago, Richard Cohen wrote an article saying that Israel was a mistake. Though I've read that he didn't mean it the way he wrote it, it was still offensive. Today he writes, Time Stands Still in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which, I believe what he was trying to say in that earlier column.

First Cohen observes that despite the pressure President Obama exerted against Israel ...

For Obama, the figures must be disheartening. They strongly suggest that his attempt to woo the Arab world, to convince it that America can be an honest broker between Israel and the Palestinians, has dismally failed. In fact, the extent of this failure is most stark in Lebanon. There, 100 percent of Shiite respondents -- in other words, Hezbollah and others -- have no faith in Obama and his good intentions. This may be a setback for Obama, but it is paradoxically a success for American values.

What the Arab world seems to appreciate is that America will never agree to what the Arab world most wants -- an Islamic state where a Jewish one now exists. This entirely reasonable conclusion is based on what has long been American policy -- not what the State Department wanted but what the American people supported. America has always liked the idea of Israel. The Arab world, for totally understandable reasons, has always hated it. Nothing has changed.

I wouldn't describe the hatred of the Arab/Muslim world as understandable, but overall this is pretty accurate.

Towards the end Cohen writes:

This is why Obama's overture to the Arab world, clumsily executed, was never going to succeed. America can please some Arab governments -- Egypt and Jordan, for instance -- but not the Arab people. What they want, and what they have been told repeatedly they deserve, is a return of Palestinian refugees to what is now Israel and control over all of Jerusalem. These are both out of the question as far as Israel is concerned. It is not willing to give up its capital and, in a relatively short time, its Jewish majority.

Of course if the Arab people weren't fed a steady stream of antisemitic propaganda, this might not be the case. But then Cohen's conclusion doesn't quite match the rest of his op-ed:

This week, Palestinians and Israelis will once again talk peace in Washington. But until both sides, particularly the Arab peoples, give up on what they really want, the clock will remain where it has been. Those Pew polls show that's around 1947.

"Both sides?"

This is a defense?

Posted: 31 Aug 2010 03:42 AM PDT

In Paul Bedard's Rewriting History on Kennedy's Chappaquiddick Accident he writes (via memeorandum):

Now, a year after Kennedy died, his lifelong biographer Burton Hersh, armed with fresh interviews with Kennedy's mistress at the time, tells Whispers that the whole July 1969 episode should have been handled as a simple crash, leaving the senator's legacy untainted. "It was a car accident," he says. "Ted was a terrible driver. He never paid much attention to where he was going."

Hersh goes on to say that Kennedy felt guilty and that he didn't know what he was doing. So what? How does anything here change the fact that Kennedy left the scene of an accident and left someone to die?

If he was a terrible driver then he never should have gotten behind the wheel.

And I love the conclusion:

He also brushes off tales that Kennedy was a playboy more than a lawmaker. "Kennedy's central project was accomplishing as much as he could in public life. And all of the things, including the drinking, the women, and the rest, were sort of supportive activities. They were amusements."

There was more than drinking and women? Maybe some song? How does this improve Ted Kennedy's legacy? He was a rich drunken playboy who passed some laws.

Newsbusters isn't impressed either.


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