Friday, June 23, 2006

Leaving the nest

The hardest balance a parent must strike are the simeltaneous desire to teach his/her child independence while still keeping the child close. In recent weeks - and in the near future - all my children have taken steps toward leaving the nest.

Our oldest just got certified by Microsoft for Excel. She took the certification test in lieu of a computer final. In a few days she's headed off to camp; but she's an expert with that by now. But when she comes back, she's planning on driving lessons.

The next just completed middle school and is preparing for Yeshiva next year. Which Yeshiva he would attend was his own decision. He also was a contributing photographer to his yearbook. And we just received word that he won an honor for academic achievement.

Our middle child just started Bar Mitzvah lessons. In a little more than a week he's scheduled to go to Israel for 3 weeks with my parents. (At which time, he will hopefully be getting his Tefillin.)

#4 just completed reading all 6 Harry Potter books. And he's only 7 1/2.

And our four year old just got her ears pierced. And if she's allowed she might well be in kindergarten next year.

Each of them progressing in his or her own way, getting ready for the day when, inevitably he or she will leave our nest.

Time marches on.

No wonder I have so many grey hairs in my beard.

ps Pictures courtesy of child #2. There was a nest in our dogwood tree. Yesterday the (apparently) two eggs hatched and one of the chicks fell to the ground.

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